We offer Sunday School for all age groups:  Pre School, Kindergarten, 1-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, Young Adults, Married-Or-Not, Berean, and Young At Heart.

We offer a nursery and Children's Church during the regular Church Service.

Special Bible Study Groups are held throughout the year. A special Bible Study will be held during regular Adult Sunday School Classes beginning in March 2019.

Sunday School begins at 9:00 A.M.


Sunday Worship Service begins at 10:00 A.M. Our Service includes Contemporary and Gospel Singing.

Access Windows Media Player to play digital media files. To close the audio, locate Windows Media Player folder on the task bar. Some audios have been edited for clarity.

Click HERE for September 2, 2018   Sermon Topic "The Way of Faith"

Click HERE for September 9, 2108   135th Anniversary Celebration Rev. Paul Gibson, Executive Director of Great Rivers Region

Click HERE for September 19, 2018   Sermon Topic "When Faith Is Tested"

Click HERE for September 23, 2018   Sermon Topic "Some Time Later"

Click HERE for October 7, 2018         Sermon Topic "God's Grace"

Click HERE for October 14, 2018       Sermon Topic "Grace Through Faith" American Baptist Men Sunday

Click HERE for October 21 2018        Sermon Topic "Building The Ark" American Baptist Women Sunday

Click HERE for October 28, 2018        Sermon Topic "The Ark"

Click HERE for November 4, 2018       Sermon Topic "God's Big Leap"

Click HERE for November 14, 2018     Sermon Topic "Rejoice In God"

Click HERE for November 18, 2018     Sermon Topic "Giving Thanks"

Click HERE for November 25, 2018     John Plummer - Guest Speaker - Sermon Topic "Miracles"

Click HERE for December 2, 2018       Sermon Topic "Coming To Serve"

Click HERE for December 9, 2018        Sermon Topic "Bring Us Joy"

Click HERE for December 16, 2018      Sermon Topic "Bring Us Peace"

Click HERE for December 23, 2018    Sermon Topic "Bringing Us Love"

Click HERE for December 24, 2018       Part 1 of Christmas Eve Service

Click HERE for December 24, 2018       Part 2 of Christmas Eve Service

Click HERE for December 30, 2018       Sermon Topic "Moving On"

Click HERE for January 6, 2019            Sermon Topic "Enter the New"

Click HERE for January 13, 2019          Sermon Topic "One Spirit...One Purpose"

Click HERE for January 20, 2019          Sermon Topic "Lights in the World"

Click HERE for January 27, 2019          Sermon Topic "Focus on the Gospel"

Click HERE for February 3, 2019          Sermon Topic "One Mission Outreach"

Click HERE for February 10, 2019       Sermon Topic "Shepherding Visitation"

Click HERE for February 17, 2019        Sermon Topic "Stirring, Helpful Worship"

Click HERE for February 24, 2019       Sermon Topic "Significant Relational Groupings"

Click HERE for March 3, 2019             Sermon Topic "Strong Leadership Team"

Click HERE for March 10, 2019           Sermon Scripture - Colossians 3:12-13 Guest Speaker - John Plummer

Click HERE for March 17, 2019          Sermon Topic "Solid Decision Making"

Click HERE for March 24, 2019          Sermon Topic "One Major Program"

Click HERE for March 31, 2019         Sermon Topic "A Highly Visible Church"

Click HERE for April 7, 2019              Sermon Topic "Stewardship"

Click HERE for April 14, 2019            Sermon Topic "Who Is This Guy?"

Click HERE for April 21, 2019          Sermon Topic "It Is Finished.....But"

Click HERE for April 28, 2019          Sermon Topic "Serving One Another"

Click HERE for May 5, 2019             Sermon Topic "Moving Forward with Jesus"

Click HERE for May 12, 2019           Sermon - Guest Speaker - John Plummer

Click HERE for May 19, 2019           Sermon Topic "Get Out of the Boat"


(The sermon audio is not copyright protected. All music used in the services has copyright permission.)


Youth Groups are held weekly during school year.

Choir Practice is held on Wednesday during September - May.

Women On A Mission (WOAM) meets monthly on Tuesday.

Baptist Men's Fellowship meets the first Saturday of each month.

Baptist Women's Fellowship meets the first Saturday of each month.

The church library contains a selection of books, bibles, videos, and tapes.

A CD or DVD is made for each Sunday Service upon request.

The church nursery is well-equipped with interactive toys. The service audio is also in the nursery.