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August 7,  2022

Jesus Heals Two Demoniacs.

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The lesson scripture is from the Gospel of Matthew 8:23-34. The Related Scriptures are from the New Testament Mark 5:1-20 and Luke 8:26-39. The time is AD 28 and the places are Sea of Galilee and country of Gergesenes (Gadara). It was a fertile area with plenty of water for crops. The Gospels of Luke, Mark, and Matthew did not collaborate on their stories. The stories by the three Gospels will vary about the demon-possessed men. The stories about Jesus calming the storm are relatively the same in the three Gospels. The stories about the demon-possessed men are a spiritual happening. The stories about the storm are a natural happening. Jesus has authority over both. The presence of Jesus in the lives of the disciples and the demon-possessed men is a powerful and protective force. Remember how our lessons each week seem to give us a challenge and a blessing from God? God’s Word is telling us we need Jesus in our lives every day.


Jesus’ Authority Over the Storm (Matthew 8:23-27)

God allows challenges to enter our lives for the divine purpose of strengthening our faith in Him. The disciples were not being disobedient. They were frightened and turned to Jesus for help. Here’s that teachable moment for Jesus. Jesus had to remind them that His presence in their lives is a protective force. “Fear not, for I am with you always.” Jesus reminds us. Rest peacefully in the arms of Jesus until the storm passes.


Jesus’ Authority Over the Demon-Possessed (Matthew 8:28-34)

God allows evil to enter lives of the unsaved. Temptation, weakness, greed, and wrong choices are just a few of the demons lurking around and trying to find a host. Before Jesus died on the cross for our sins, He traveled throughout Galilee bringing peace to the minds of those who trusted Him. To many they were called miracles. Jesus was demonstrating His power over evil spirits. By understanding God’s Word we are able to accept challenges and strengthen our faith with prayer.


This past week, God called two precious Angels home: Olive Morton and Lucy Fultz. Please remember their families in your prayers this week.




August 14,  2022

A Lame Man Is Healed.

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The Related Scriptures are from the New Testament Books of Acts 3:17 – 4:22 and Luke 5:17-26. The time is AD 31 and the place is City of Jerusalem. The author of the Books of Luke and Acts is considered anonymous. However both Books are considered to be the work of Luke the physician, Paul’s co-worker and companion. Luke is the only non-Jewish author in the New Testament. The Gospel of Luke is Volume I (The Story of Jesus). The Acts of the Apostles is Volume II (The Story of the Church). The Gospel of Luke is the longest book in the New Testament. Luke adds his own particular flavor to the story as he traces Jesus’ genealogy back to Adam. Adam was the founder of the human race whereas The Gospel of Matthew traces Jesus’ genealogy back to Abraham the founder of the Jewish race. Luke tells how the promised Jewish Messiah is the Savior of the whole world. One of my Bibles takes passages and asks the question. “What song best expresses your spiritual condition right now?”  How Great Is Our God


Let’s move on to Acts of the Apostles. In about (ca.) thirty years, the church grew from an insignificant Jewish sect to a major force in the Roman Empire. Luke wrote Acts (Volume II) as a companion to his Gospel of Luke to show how Christianity was not a political threat to Rome, but instead the work of God’s Spirit in building a Spiritual Kingdom – a kingdom comprised of all who live by faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior-Messiah (Acts 2:36). Here’s my reflective song: In Christ Alone.


AD 31 Pentecost

Enter the Holy Spirit at Pentecost (50 days following Easter) which marks the official inauguration of the New Covenant – Christ’s resurrection and the reign of His Holy Spirit over all the world. All people will understand the apostles’ message regardless of the language barrier (Acts 2:6).


Peter Addresses the People

Believe that Jesus is the Messiah promised in the Old Testament. There are only two requests you must follow: (1) repent to God – in the Name of Jesus you must ask for forgiveness of your sins and (2) be baptized – this is a public sign and seal you have with Jesus and the New Covenant. This New Covenant is really easy to understand once (1) and (2) requests are followed. The Holy Spirit is within you every day. Remember, it’s a gift from God. Honor and cherish it forever.

Acts of the Apostles has over 20 miracles so what is so special with this one in our lesson? Peter explains the meaning of this miracle. The miracle is done in the Name of Jesus. Peter is calling on the Jews in the temple to believe in Jesus for their salvation. This takes us back to what Jesus taught them. They were promised power of the Holy Spirit to carry on and bear witness for Jesus. And so, Peter and John began their mission – Spread Christianity.


The Setting (Acts 3:1-5) This story could apply to present day. Today, this man was going to have an opportunity to face the Holy Spirit.

There were daily prayer trips to the temple in Jerusalem. A man who had been crippled since birth was carried to the gates (called Beautiful) so he could beg for money. As Peter and John approached, the man begged for money. Peter responded. “Look at us!” “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” That’s the way it is done. Get the attention! Give the command! Here comes the Holy Spirit!


Wait for it! Here comes the Miracle! (Acts 3:6-8) The man must have been exposed to the Holy Spirit since he was placed at the gate on a daily basis. Today he would be touched by the Holy Spirit. He would believe. He would trust these two men as they lifted him up to stand.

The man took the hands of Peter and John and as they helped him up, his feet and ankles became strong. He began to walk. He praised God. He walked with Peter and John into the temple. Here’s where Peter had to refocus the attention on Jesus. Remember all the miracles Jesus performed while He was teaching His disciples. Jesus gave all the glory to God. Now it was time to give Jesus the glory. Think fast, Peter!


Here comes the opportunity to explain the meaning of this miracle to everyone – even the man who was walking. (Acts 3:9-16)

Peter did scold the Jewish people in the temple. They had just witnessed a miracle. It occurred because Jesus taught His Disciples how to perform miracles in His Name. It’s that ‘come to Jesus’ moment’ we have that makes us remember a wrong we have committed. It is the first request – repent. Peter was reminding them. He was leading them into the second request. Peter reminded the Jewish people and the healed man. “By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong…”(verse 16). Peter, in the following chapters, asks the people to repent and turn to God for a time to refresh your faith in God.


God is Still in Control

He watches over us. He allows things to happen. As Peter and John soon discovered in chapter four of Acts, they had some opponents who questioned them. This was a time when books of the New Testament were being written (AD 50-100). It was a time when the Disciples and Apostles were persecuted and some were martyred (AD 44-96). It was a time when the temple was destroyed (AD 70). Today, it may seem it is difficult to have a Christian lifestyle. This week, as you approach the Throne of God, remember to thank Him for His Grace and for the two requests you followed in becoming a Christian.


Blessings, Linda